When looking to obtain a mortgage, it’s super important to understand what information banks, lenders and other financial institutions are saying about us. Your credit score can have a big impact when looking for the best mortgage deal. Its also super handy for us to see all your up to date details regarding your existing credit agreements and outgoings so we can advice you most accurately.

We recommend obtaining an to date credit report when starting this journey. There are lots of options to obtain a report however at The Mortgage Pod, we believe CheckMyFile to be the most accurate provider as they produce data from FOUR different credit reference agencies and puts it all into one super user friendly report for you. We decided to make it super easy for you so just click the button below to obtain a FREE 30 day trial.

*The following button will redirect you away from The Mortgage Pod’s website and take you to a 3rd party, partner’s website, CheckMyFile.

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