Steve Humphrey - Mortgage & Protection Advisor / Founder

Founded out of the enjoyment of seeing people make their home ownership dreams a reality, it was clear to Steve that this Mortgage stuff could be done differently. Steve has extensive experience of getting people onto the property ladder, and keeping them there with suitable protection.

Ebony Stevens - Office Support Manager

From the first chat, it was clear that Ebony shared The Mortgage Pod’s values of putting customers first and doing the right thing! The fit has been just like the jam in a Victoria sponge, perfect! Ebony has a wealth of customer service and organisational experience with over 8 years in the estate agency and property environment. Ebony brings a lot of structure to our team, keeps everything in check and ensures our customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Roger Cockapoo - Office Pooch

Roger has no experience working in the property industry… of course he doesn’t, he is a dog. But he does enjoy long walks In the park, barking at clients on the phone and generally getting in the way! – He definitely provides great company and lots of entertainment throughout the working day!