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Looking after your family for the future

While you don’t need to take out critical illness cover at the same time as organising your mortgage, our experienced team here at Mortgage Pod have access to various insurers. They can help you create the perfect package for your family and needs.

When it comes to our health, none of us likes to think about a time when we may be unwell but planning and thinking about how your health may impact your financial security when you’re well can save you from a wealth of stress during an already tense time.

Choosing critical illness cover guarantees that your family, home, and yourself are safe and secure, no matter what.

Here at The Mortgage Pod, our expert team will help you to secure the best critical illness cover for your needs.

Peace of mind for every scenario

Opting for critical illness cover can provide you and your family the financial security you need whilst you’re unable to work due to poor health.

Nobody likes to think about getting older or becoming unwell, but here at The Mortgage Pod, our experienced team are incredibly professional and sensitive when it comes to these difficult but necessary conversations. They’ll put you at ease and ensure you have the perfect cover for your situation.

Critical illness cover organised by your professional mortgage broker

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to move up the ladder, ensuring future financial stability if you become unwell and unable to work can provide substantial relief later down the line. The Mortgage Pod is here to ensure you have the best quality critical illness cover for your circumstances.

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