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Securing a Buy to Let mortgage is simple with The Mortgage Pod

So, you’ve found the perfect property to rent out and can almost visualise your first tenants moving in. The next step in purchasing a Buy to Let property is to secure the Buy to Let mortgage that suits your needs, such as the potential rental income and your finances.

Are there any significant differences between your standard residential mortgage and a Buy to Let mortgage? Yes, it all comes down to a difference in their purpose.

A Buy to Let mortgage, sometimes known as a ‘rent mortgage’ is a mortgage that is specifically taken out for the purpose of earning rental income.

Why use a Buy to Let mortgage broker?

Unlike your typical residential mortgages with lots of different lender options, a smaller section of the market is available for Buy to Let mortgages. As well as navigating the more limited choice of Buy to Let mortgages, mortgage brokers are priceless in helping you to achieve the best rates on the market, many of which won’t be accessible without a broker.

Here at The Mortgage Pod, we don’t believe that you should have any restrictions on your goals or be stressed when securing a Buy to Let mortgage. So let us take care of the heavy lifting whilst you put the kettle on.

Life is too short for stress

We know that Buy to Let mortgages can be complicated and challenging, but at The Mortgage Pod, an expert mortgage broker will be able to find you the perfect Buy to Let mortgage offer for your circumstances.

From application to signing on the dotted line, your experienced mortgage broker will be able to take care of all the searching, chasing and applying for you, creating a stress-free process to securing your perfect Buy to Let property.

Here at The Mortgage Pod, we’re here to help you achieve your goals as stress-free as possible. We’ll help you to secure the perfect Buy to Let mortgage for your needs, and you can get on with getting your property rented out in no time!

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buy to let mortgage services

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