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Our Mortgage Tools

We’re helpful sorts at The Mortgage Pod, and want to empower our customers with the knowledge to find the right mortgage. Here are a few useful tools to help you along the way.

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A few tools to give you a hand...

Finding the right mortgage requires careful research and analysis of your unique circumstances – but sometimes, you just need a ballpark figure fast! We get it. So feel free to play around with our mortgage and stamp duty calculators to get an idea of your affordability for a mortgage. 

Credit Report

Your credit score can have a big impact when looking for the best mortgage deal.

Mortgage Calculator

We thought you may like to get a feel for what your mortgage repayments may look like each month.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Our Stamp Duty calculator gives you an idea of the amount of tax you’ll need to pay.

You can also check your credit score here, which is super important before embarking on a mortgage application. It gives you a clear view of how your existing credit agreements may impact your chances of mortgage approval, allowing you to take positive action. 

What our customers are saying about us

No hidden fees, no sales patter, just clear and transparent mortgage advice.

When you are buying a property, you have enough on your plate without feeling pressured or worried that you’re being misled. At The Mortgage Pod, we’re not here to sell you a mortgage, send you a bill and run. We will talk you through everything you need to know and you will always be able to reach us if you need to.

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